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Practice Areas

Domestic Relations Law, Uncontested & Contested Divorces

Divorce, custody, placement, possession, visitation, child support, relocation

Attorney Robert J. LaMountain is aware of the impact and importance that a divorce and related issues has on an individual. The issues have financial and emotional importance. The best interest of the child will be the foremost important issue in a divorce as well as custody and placement of the minor child/children. Accessibility and contact with the attorney during this time is crucial. Financial considerations will include allocation of assets, real estate, marital domicile, household furnishings, pensions, 401k's, retirement accountants, health insurance, outstanding debt obligations, loans, mortgages, as well as the tax exemptions status of the minor children for both State and federal tax purposes.

Relocation of a party to another state presents a host of issues whether you are the party seeking to relocate with the minor children or whether you are the party seeking to object to your children being removed from the State of Rhode Island.

Expect a clear, concise consultation to advise you of your rights, costs associated with litigation, as well as an honest opinion of the likelihood of success. I will fight to protect your rights.

This firm will protect your interest pertaining to the minor children, allocation of debt, assets and alimony. Access to an attorney during this difficult time is crucial and we pride ourselves on being accessible at all times to provide the legal advice and counseling.

Personal Injury

Automobile accidents, Slip and fall injury, premise liability

This firm understands the intricacies involved in the Rhode Island Insurance Law when an injury takes place and provides our clients with the appropriate services that are required in the time of crisis when numerous issues and questions need to be addressed immediately.

This law firm does not handle medical malpractice or social security claims, however, we will refer you to lawyers who specialize in these area.

Criminal Law

Drunk Driving, Assault, Drug Possession, Reckless Driving, DWI Defense

Attorney Robert LaMountain practices in both the District Courts and Superior Courts in all of the Counties in the State including Washington, Newport, Kent, and Providence. We will advise you of your constitutional rights and fight to protect those rights from time of arraignment to the disposition of your criminal matter. This firm will assure to keep the client fully informed and represented in the misdemeanor and felony actions throughout the entire process. Criminal representation is one of utmost importance and should be treated as such since the ramification of a criminal conviction will affect an individual in many areas such as employment and educational opportunities, as well as possible future sentence enhancement.

Civil Law

Practice all state courts, litigation proceedings, in all counties

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